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Celebrity Accent Changes | Jamie Tuohy

Everyone remembers Tom Cruise’s AWFUL attempt at an Irish accent in Far and Away. His potato-wielding, leprechaun accent was truly horrendous and sadly he isn’t the only star to annihilate the Irish tones.  Of course, actors and actresses will be required to change their accent to suit the dialect of their character’s origins and therefore, in pop culture, there are a host of good, bad and downright strange accent impressions floating around. Here are some of the best and worst, and also, I’ve decided to take a look at some stars who have randomly changed their accent to suit their image, or in some cases, to cling onto their dwindling relevance.

The Good:

Hugh Laurie


As Dr. Gregory House, in the TV show House, Hugh Laurie’s American accent is impeccable. It’s not surprising that most people are shocked to learn that Laurie is British, hailing from Oxford, and found fame alongside Stephen Fry in Blackadder and Fry and Laurie.

Ed Westwick

As the smooth-talking Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl, British actor Ed Westwick has mastered the Upper-East Side lingo and managed to pull off a seriously impressive New York accent.

Cate Blanchett

Portraying the life and death of tragic Irish journalist, Veronica Guerin, Cate Blanchett delivered a poignant and convincing performance and her mastery of the Irish accent was spot-on!

The Bad

Tom Cruise:

No words. That accent was extremely FAR and a long way AWAY from Ireland.

Mischa Barton

Considering Mischa Barton was born in Britain, one would expect her impression of her mother tongue to be slightly better than the disastrous effort she put forth in St. Trinians. As JJ French, she scarcely even  tried to mimic British tones.

Brad Pitt

And once again, we have a case of the destruction of an Irish accent on the big screen. Brad’s imitation of the Irish brogue was bad enough in The Devil’s Own to last us a lifetime. Why he decided to break it out again in Snatch, I’ll never know. Accents, as Pitt has admitted, aren’t his strong point. Too true Brad, too true!

The Suspicious:

Nadine Coyle

“I’m from Derry. Date of birth: 15/6/85, making me a Gemini and … what date of birth did I say there?” Remember that? Nadine Coyle’s infamous lie on the Irish Popstars show is testament to the old adage of “every cloud has a silver lining.” Since becoming 1/5 of Girls Aloud, Nadine has become a bigger star than she ever could have as part of Six. She now resides in LA and consequently, has adopted a hilarious transatlantic accent, comprising of a strong Derry tone and strange Californian inflections.


Give me strength. Madge, you were born in Detroit. Where are you going with the London accent? Get a grip, woman!

Victoria Beckham

VB has undergone a metamorphosis in recent years, swapping the champagne, WAG lifestyle, for a sophisticated career as a fashion designer and world-renowned style icon. Long gone are the days of her ‘zig-ah-zig-ahh-ing’, as Victoria has lost her Essex twang and traded it in for a more fashion-friendly accent.


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