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Girls Aloud to call it quits after 10 year anniversary | Jamie Tuohy


Fans are waiting in eager anticipation for Girls Aloud’s BIG ANNOUNCEMENT (which Cheryl has actually already revealed) this Friday, but the forthcoming news will be slightly dampened by the revelations that their reunion comeback tour will mark the end of the band.

In her newly-released autobiography, My Story, Cheryl has revealed that Girls Aloud will be embarking upon a farewell tour and a greatest hits album.

She writes, “We’ll be working on a tour and greatest hits album. Then I think that’s it for Girls Aloud. We’ve achieved more than any of us ever dared to dream of.”

The anticipation for the announcement has been heightened through the band’s new website,, which is hosting a countdown, right to the very second.

Speaking on Alan Carr’s Chattyman, Cheryl revealed that her book caused anger amongst her management, as she spoiled the surprise. She said, “The book was supposed to come out after we said something, so to put it quite frankly I’ve dropped myself in the sh*t.” Oh well.”

Girls Aloud have enjoyed record-breaking chart success and became the most successful girl band to emerge from a talent-show, but with Cheryl emerging as the band’s most famous and successful star, it was speculated that the tension between her and the band’s lead-singer Nadine was a major force in their ‘taking some time out.’

However, in her book, Cheryl dispels such notions, but does concede that when Nadine didn’t show up to the 2008 BRIT Awards with the rest of the band, it was a slap in the face for the girls.

“I think we all expected her to come up with some sort of excuse, but she actually just admitted, ‘It’s not really my thing’.”

“I can remember a sort of stunned silence, like we’d all be slapped in the face, but I was so cut up about my marriage this didn’t really make the impact it probably should have.”

Nadine recently tweeted that she ‘never ever’ wants Girls Aloud to end, but it looks like her hopes and the wishes of millions of loyal supporters are about to be dashed.


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