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Harry Styles spends £23k on a new watch | Jamie Tuohy

After buying a new house, spending hundreds of thousands on cars and a whopping £100,000 on art, Harry Styles is certainly no stranger when it comes to flashing the cash. Therefore, his latest extravagant purchase shouldn’t as much of a surprise, as he has spent £23k on a designer watch.


The 18-year-old singer was spotted running some errands around London yesterday and as he did so, he showed off his flash new timepiece.

The Audmars Piguet winding Royal Oak 41mm watch (to give it its full title), is a crocodile leather-strapped, pink gold piece of luxury.

Harry’s new accessory comes with hundreds of fancy technical features (BORING), and the Swiss watches have already become firm favourites with A-listers including Kanye West and Jay-Z.

The £23k price tag might be out of most people’s reach, but for Harry, the sum is pocket change, as the band’s fortune is set to increase the $64m in the year, making them some of the richest UK stars under 30.

I might not be able to afford Harry’s watch, but if anyone knows where his brogues are from, can someone inform me? Major brogue envy going on right here and they seem like a perfect birthday present to myself!


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