In Praise of Cheryl | Jamie Tuohy


As promised, here is the poem I wrote for Cheryl Cole, in the hope that come tomorrow, November 1, when she does her monthly follows, she will hit my follow button! I wrote this for her the night before I met her and tried to incorporate her song lyrics into it. It’s a mega-cheese-fest, but it has lots of Cheryl-references, from her Blackberry emoticon addiction, to her beloved dogs. (The writing in bold is her song lyrics).


Twas the night before Cheryl and all through the house,

Jamie was hyper, like a big girl’s blouse…


When you disco-danced with the lights down low,

My love for you Cheryl, began to grow,

The nine-year-old me saw a gorgeous young Geordie,

What did the neighbours say? Probably, “Oh Lordy!”


You didn’t speak French, mais j’adore votre part,

As the years went on, you became the nation’s sweetheart,

‘Fight For This Love’ had me all in a flutter,

I loved it as much as you love Coco and Buster!


As you topped the charts time and time again,

I laughed when you became ‘Cheryl Push 10’,

The smile on your face and the cheeky wink from your eye,

Cheryl, when it comes to your beauty, it’s not ‘Better to Lie’.


You’re gorgeous and humble, and bag loads of fun,

Meeting you is the best thing ‘Under the Sun’,

I’m an Irish soldier and a massive fan,

If you follow me on Twitter, cue the *BBM Dancing Man*.


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