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Although it has yet to be confirmed (or denied), it is widely believed that Girls Aloud will perform their new single Something New on The X Factor on November 18.

Of course, without any official confirmation from the GA camp, this could all just be a rumour, but there are some interesting statistics that would signal Cheryl and Co. are set to make a return to The X Factor stage.

While the girls HAVE been confirmed to be performing on rival Saturday night show, Strictly Come Dancing, it will be exactly 52 months to the day (Nov 18) since Girls Aloud appeared on The X Factor, singing their No.1, Brit-award-winning hit, The Promise.

And, I’m no mathematician, but with 52 being made up of 5 and 2 AND 5 multiplied by 2 equalling 10, it doesn’t take a genius to make the connection between this fact and their numerically-identically-entitled album, Ten.

Watch this space and keep your fingers crossed! In the meantime, here’s a refresher of their last XF appearance in those memorable gold gowns.


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