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Frankie Cocozza’s new single soars up the charts | Jamie Tuohy

It’s surprisingly good news for Frankie Cocozza, as his debut EP, The Motorcyle has been steadily progressing up the iTunes chart following its release today, despite little promotion and virtually no backing from a major record label.

The video for the EP’s lead single, She’s Got a Motorcycle has been released online and is set to the backdrop of Cocozza’s Cockney tones, as he sounds more like an extra from Oliver Twist than a recording artist.

Despite Frankie’s limited vocal range, the EP is already at No.19 on the iTunes chart, with JLS just two places ahead of him with their new offering, Hottest Girl in the World. Poetic stuff from both parties, eh?

Frankie’s title track, She’s Got a Motorcycle is exactly what you’d expect from the wild-haired former X Factor star – a euphemism for sex, with emotional lyrics such as ‘she’s got a motorcycle / she won’t let me ride it’, ‘I’ve got a motorcycle / I know I took the Michael.’

Since being kicked off last year’s X Factor for breaking one of the show’s golden rules, Frankie has made a living for himself through club appearances and an infamous stint on Big Brother.

However, the EP looks set to climb the charts and the video is racking up the YouTube hits as well. Could Frankie confirm people’s worst fears and make it into the Top 10? Watch the video below and make up your mind!


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