Olly Murs buys Caroline Flack a £2k birthday present | Jamie Tuohy


Olly and Caroline: could you two just get it on already?

Yes, the sexual tension between everyone’s new favourite double act, Caroline Flack and Olly Murs is evident every weekend, as they host the XtraFactor in their signature cheeky style, with plenty of flirtatious banter.

And while they claim to be just good friends, Olly’s £2,000 birthday present for Caroline might suggest otherwise.


As Ms Flack turns 33 today, her “TV boyfriend” Olly splashed out a whopping £2k on a Miu Miu duffle coat for his co-host. Caroline was clearly chuffed with her gift, tweeting, “Olly excelled in birthday pressies…..Hes the best tv boyfriend ever!!!!”

Olly clearly fancies that SHORTS off Caroline and spending £2k on a birthday present for her suggests that he isn’t just her “TV boyfriend.”

I sense a new celeb couple – Colly.


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