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10 Reasons Why I Love Imelda May | Jamie Tuohy

imelda may

1.       Her voice

Undoubtedly one of Ireland’s most talented singers, in my eyes, Imelda is the best female artist Ireland has ever produced. Her revival of the rockabilly style of music, combined with her mesmerising Jazz tones leaves me entranced and enamoured.

imelda and bono2.      Her pride for being from The Liberties

The sense of community that defines The Liberties is ever-present in Imelda and I love her sense of hometown pride. Whenever she is being interviewed, she always recalls her upbringing in The Liberties with such endearing fondness. Love it.

3.      Her accent

Imelda’s accent is a strong inner-city Dublin brogue and aside from her voice, it’s one of her defining characteristics. I could listen to her speak all day. When so many stars change their accents when they become famous, Imelda is refreshingly true to her roots. Nadine Coyle, cop on and take note. Imelda, you legend!

4.      Her personality


Never have I seen a star that is as grounded and warm as Imelda May. In every interview or at any gig, she gives you 100% and is wholeheartedly lovely. Possibly the nicest and warmest celebrity on the planet and one is unfazed by her extraordinary talent and immense success.

5.      Her hair

I mean, c’mon, you didn’t think Imelda’s incredibly dedication to her quiff would be ignored, did you. It needs no description or words, just praise.

6.      Her unfaltering 50s style rocka

What Dita Von Teese has done for the re-popularisation of burlesque, Imelda May has done for the re-introduction of 50s retro dressing. With her figure-hugging dresses and strong rouge lips, Imelda looks stunning.

7.      Her artistic genius

A true artist, who doesn’t rely on production to entertain, all Imelda has to do is stand there and sing with a spotlight. Writing all of her own songs, Imelda’s credibility is a rare find in today’s heavily-commercialised music industry.

8.      Her song lyrics

A diverse mix of fun, lively and personal lyrics, Imelda’s songs are beautifully and expertly written. My favourite song at the moment by Imelda is Kentish Town Waltz. Detailing her struggles to make ends meet as a young singer in London, the lyrics are deeply honest, moving and hopefully. “But we stuck with each other with all our might / We pulled it together and held on tight / And I’m glad for us, yeah I’m glad mo chroi /But it’s nothing to anyone ‘cept you and me.”

9.      Her humour and witty banter 

Always quick with replies, I love Imelda’s sense of humour and fast wit. She is hilarious and in every interview she always lightens the mood with her charm and signature banter.

10.  Her love for her family


I’ve already said it, but Imelda is so incredibly grounded and it’s in no small part to the family she always so fondly talks about. There isn’t an ounce of pretension in Imelda and it’s evident that her family are at the core of her success.


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