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Which Kardashian are you?


Jamie Tuohy



You’re the ruthless moneymaker and you’ll do practically anything to get to the top, even if it means pimping out your nearest and dearest! Your natural business brain means you know a good opportunity when it comes knocking and more importantly, you know how to exploit it to your own advantage. You’re a charismatic, social and intuitive person but all that is closely followed by a strong lust for attention and money.



You’re the spoiled, bread-winning, family favourite. Everyone loves you, but not nearly as much as you love yourself. Like Kris, you have a good business brain, but you, at least on the surface, seem more family-orientated and ultimately you follow your heart. You’re a hopeless romantic and act impulsively and this is probably your downfall.



You’re the smart one in the family. You’re the person who doesn’t take any bullshit and family always comes first. When it comes to your career, unlike Kim and Kris, you don’t act totally out of self interest and your business acumen and natural ability is more impressive than theirs, but often gets overshadowed. You’re a leader but your no-nonsense approach can seem cold at times.



You’re probably the most genuine person in your family. You’re certainly the most talented and because you always say what’s on your mind, people respect you all the more for it. You’re not always the most confident person but you should be, because you’re a natural people person. You’re funny and caring in equal measure and your personality is one of your best traits.

Kendall and Kyle (obviously if you’re one, you’re also the other and the same story as Kris applies – Jenner etc.)


On the surface, you’re seen as a bubblegum, pampered princess, but people need to realise that you mean business! You may be young and shy, but it’s endearing. Like all the other sisters, you have inherited a propensity to sift out a good business opportunity, but you’re more concerned with living your life one step at a time. You strike a good balance between work and pleasure!

Rob and Bruce


Let’s face it, you don’t want to be Rob or Bruce!


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