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How to be iconic like Nadine Coyle



Nadine is the queen of indifference. Flicking that hair, talking like a transatlantic explosion of brilliance, she just doesn’t give a shit. Take this video for example: as Cheryl worries about looking like a “dickhead”, Nadine just continues to play with her hair and feigns interest. Cheryl may as well be speaking Mandarin because Nadine litch just doesn’t pay her bandmate a drop of attentch. Don’t you love it? You do!

Steal the show


Nadine is a notorious show stealer and anytime she has ever been on stage with Girls Aloud, her ad libs are fantastically and hilariously flamboyant, often causing Nicola to give her the odd dirty look. ADORE.

Embellish the truth / Just lie

a what

For example: “Date of birth? 15/6/85 making me a Gemini!” or “yes, Cheryl and I still talk and we’re good friends!” Nobody can fully become Nadine Coyle without telling a few porkies!

Literally invent an accent

Nadine swears blind that she can’t fathom why anyone would think her accent is any different to other people from Derry, but there’s no denying that Nadine’s Northern brogue has all the inflections of a Californian princess. The result is a transatlantic twang that manifests itself when Nadine sings, so much so that the exaggeration and show-stealing adds to her iconic persona. Shhh, don’t question it. Watch the above vid of Nadz on Daybreak interview where she is quizzed on her eclectic accent.

Flick your hair


When Nadine released her hurtfully and disgracefully-underrated Insatiable (which I obviously adore), she gave a lesson in flicking your hair. She even said that she pulled a muscle from tossing her mane around so ferociously. (Me on a night out, tbh). It has become her signature dance move and it’s an essential part of her iconic allure.


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