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Why Una Healy is the best Saturday


By Jamie Tuohy

As usual, my study procrastination is manifesting itself through the medium of pop culture blog posts. This time on the gloriously Irish Una Healy, member of (finally) chart-topping girlband, The Saturdays.

She goes to LA and becomes x10 more Irish and hilarious


While all the other girls express how hot the Los Angeles heat is, Una butts in with one of the most iconic lines of the entire Chasing the Saturdays series. She says to the rest of The Sats, “Jesus, it’s roaaaaastin’ here, my back is drippin’!” Amazing. You can take the girl out of Tipperary etc…

This video

If ever there was a gift, this is it! I shouldn’t spoil the ingenuity of this video with unnecessary words or insignificant observations. Just watch it and let Una Healy entrance you with all the BillyBarryStageSchool exaggeration that we’ve come to love her for.

This video at 3.30, 3.45, 4.44 and again at 6.01

“They quoted me saying I’d cellulite on my boobs. Even if I was 20 stone, I wouldn’t have cellulite on my boobs!”

“It’s so hot in there, I’M SWEATING LIKE A PIG!”

“I had to give myself a forward wedgie. But I was wearing French knickers.”

Mollie (on The Saturdays having to draw a sketch of a naked man): “The downstairs department was out!”

Una (eating a salt and vinegar Walker’s crisp): “And I got GREEEAT attention to detail on that part!”

Her accent


The only accent more distinct and iconic than Una’s is Nadine’s but Una’s accent contrasts so beautifully and hilariously with whatever setting she’s in. Whether she’s in LA talking to Rochelle about Maaaaaaaaarvin, or talking about the weather, Una’s deliciously-pronounced Irish accent is all you need in life.

She actually has the perfect family



una aoife


Not a word needed.

Her parents


John and Anne. They just look like GAS CRAIC!

Her reaction to Ben’s stripping at his stag


Una’s husband Ben made headlines when he stripped at his stag, but Una just brushed it off and said (it’s necessary to imagine this in her accent and with her exaggeration):

“He’s an eejt like. It’s just what lads do. With a few drinks down ‘em, they think they’re great so they do.” So Irish.


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