Amy Huberman: National Treasure

There is an old adage that says you should write about what you know and it is a saying to which I firmly ascribe. Sport – a topic that I cannot even begin to feign any knowledge of, is something I always steer away from. Amidst the innumerable and of course, much-deserved appraisals of Ireland’s national hero, Brian O’Driscoll, I feel it would be silly and unwise to wax lyrical about the indomitable B.O.D., especially when Barack Obama has pretty much already won in the adulatory dialogue stakes!

Nigella Lawson once refused to answer a question on health food, because the deliciously indulgent Lawson quipped that health food was most definitely not her “forte” and I’m feelin’ ya Nigella. As I can never claim to be terribly au fait with this whole sporting business, I have decided to write about something I do know (well, kind of … not really, but…) and turn my attentions towards Brian’s wife – the impossibly-bubbly-and-beautiful actress and author, Amy Huberman.

The U.K. has Cheryl Cole, the Bambi-eyed, dimpled pop princess whose tears tumble down her cheeks not as tears, but as dejected diamonds and we have Amy. A national treasure, through and through and dare I suggest that our Amy is more … ahem, vastly and multifariously skilled than the Geordie songstress, (Cheryl, you know I still love you deeply). Having first come to the nation’s attention over ten years’ ago as the loveable receptionist Daisy O’Callaghan in RTE’s The Clinic, Amy Huberman has steadily cemented herself as one of Ireland’s most talented actresses.

Despite only being a primary school ruffian at the time, I remember Amy starring in 2005’s Showbands (oh, how great that was!) alongside Kerry Katona, who, at the time, I thought was the epitome of wholesomeness following her jungle victory and Liam Cunningham. Having gone on to star in Comedy Central’s Threesome, Amy is currently gracing cinema screens as bride-to-be Ruth in Irish comedy, The Stag. Most recently, Amy played the part of the hilarious Miss Tivnan, in Chis O’Dowd’s Moone Boy where she took on the role of a wacky 80s art teacher who ends up copping off with the PE teacher, played by Bressie. Nice work if you can, eh?

Not to overburden anyone with threadbare aphorisms, but if anyone understands that we have all been gifted with ‘the same amount of hours in the day as Beyoncé’, it’s Amy. Not content with being the darling of Irish television, Amy added novelist to her bulging CV in 2009, with the release of her debut novel, Hello Heartbreak, which I immediately snapped up and gave to my mother, who has since passed its coffee-stained pages onto the girls. On the subject of ma mère, she is also a huge fan of Amy’s shoe collection for Bourbon and I can’t deny that this post was, in part, inspired upon seeing Hello Heartbreak wedged between a towering pile of my mother’s shoe boxes, a good five or six of them with Amy’s name emblazoned on top. Actress, novelist, shoe designer, oh and model – yes! I’d expect Amy would be too self-deprecating to accept the last term, but she can be seen looking impeccable and undeniably regal in ad campaigns for Newbridge Silverware. Heck, we may as well throw style icon into that list as well, as Amy’s fun and girly, yet sophisticated look has won her a plethora of admiration from the fashion press (remember that Louise Kennedy hot pink number she wore to 2011’s Royal Wedding?).


Granted, I’m prone to a superlative, or five, but let’s face it – Amy and Brian are Ireland’s royals and in 2013, they welcomed their little princess, Sadie into the world and the recent pictures of a proud and teary Amy clutching her victorious husband, following Ireland’s 6 Nations win, could warm the shackles of even the iciest of hearts. When Chris O’Dowd Tweeted the picture, Amy replied in her characteristic, innocuously-sardonic tone by saying that they were only crying because they were suffering from the dreaded Irish fear of having left the immersion on before leaving for Paris. Hilarious stuff, Amy! As if she couldn’t be any more impressive, Amy is probably the funniest Irish person on Twitter. Superlatives, Jamie, superlatives, I know – but you know it’s true! A blossoming career, a seemingly perfect family and a down-to-earth and top-notch sense of humour – oh, in Amy we trust!


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