7 Reasons Why The Supper Club Was The Most Iconic Night Of Our Lives


Last night, Fiona from Cool Events Ireland (who we absolutely adore) invited myself and Holly to The Supper Club – a 1920s-themed event which is held once a month in the delicious surroundings of the Bourbon Bar in The Odeon. We had a gorj night for ourselves and here’s a collectch of the gas things that happened us on the night: 

1. The Uber in to the event


“You two should have your own show!” says the taximan to Holly and myself. “You’re not wrong, Conor!” says us both in unison. After Holly made the taxi man wait EIGHTEEN mins outside her apartment while she clipped her hair into a Downton Abbey-style bob, complete with pearl-drop headband, we finally made our way to the event looking like we were on our way to our own funerals in 1923. “JEEEESUS, I’m delighted I wasn’t around in the 20s, THE HACK of the make-up back then”, Holly pipes as she taps Conor on the shoulder for a chewing gum. As Conor pulls up outside our destinaysh, we realise that Holly has been sweeping the roads with her dress, as half of it was caught on the door for the whole drive in. We’re both screaming as Conor gets out of the car to help Holly wring out her drenched gúna – screaming so much that Holly actually left her phone in the taxi and has to do a Sonia O’Sullivan and chase after it, getting her heels stuck in a tram track in the process. A gorj start to the night.

2. Our Outfits


As someone who wouldn’t consider themselves to be a ‘girly-girl’, or a huge fan of dressing up on nights out, I decided to abandon my usual jeans and teesh combo and go all out when our fabulous friend Fiona (@cooleventsinfo) asked us to be her guests at the monthly 1920’s themed Supper Club. I, of course, insisted Jamie wear his tux to complement my floor length black guna as I didn’t want him to feel under-dressed beside me.
I didnt want to spend a fortch on accessories and so found myself torn between a feather boa in the Hen Party section of my local Euro Land, or a beaded necklace in Enable Ireland that I could fashion into a headdress that Rose from Titanic would have been jealous of.
I chose the latter, and spent 2 hours doing my hair which I am still absolutely screaming about tbh.

Upon arrival to the Odeon, I started to have second thoughts about said headdress and removed it-which I will be eternally grateful to myself for because as we entered The Bourbon Rooms we both immediately knew something wasn’t right when the star of the show, Fiona, greeted us in a (gorj) Penneys Kimono and with sunglasses on her head.
Just picture the scene. Jamie in a full tux, and me in a floor length black dress with fur coat draped around shoulders, red lip and matching shoe, as we entered a room full of gorgeous people smart/casually dressed in LBD’s, jeans and hoodies.
There are very, very few times we have proclaimed ourselves to be screaming, roaring, or shaking and actually meant it, but as we were shown to our table by someone wearing a check shirt and ripped jeans, we did all three of those things at the same time.

3. Holly’s headband


A moment for Holly’s headband, please! As Holly pointed out above, we were ferociously overdressed for the event, so after making poor Conor wait outside her apartment for an eternity while she pinned her headband into place, as we were walking into The Odeon, Holly caught sight of her reflecsh and says, “I look like Rose from Titanic after the ship sank” and reefs the headband off. Jesus, was she thankful she did as the first person we saw when we went in was clad in a hoody. Of course, Holly walks into the event and instead of being upfront and telling everyone that we COMPLETELY misinterpreted the dress code, Holly stars telling this elaborate story about how we are only dressed in black-tie because we have to go to my graduaysh afterwards. M.O.R.T.I.F.I.E.D.

4. Making friends with everyone


Have we or have we not said it a million times, but we adore chatting to everyone over a few glasses of vino?! Fiona had us seated at a gorj table and we had loads of craic agus ceol with everyone – especially the lovely Darina, pictured above, who was absolutely gas and iconic. Jeeeeesus, Holl and myself were knocking back the bubbles like they were going out of fash and the two of us were spoon feeding our desserts to the other guest at the table. The youge.

5. That Balloon Trick

TBH we are both still shaking after witnessing what can only be described as the most mesmerising magician’s trick that Jamie has ever had the pleasure to witness. The whole room sat in silence, jaws agape, as the truly gifted (and very cute) Brian Dal​y (@NoCrappyTricks) slipped a two foot long balloon down the back of his throat. Ending the trick with the balloon actually disappearing was a stroke of pure genius.

Having live-Snapchatted the entire event, and taken notes, Jamie was about to get on his feet and give Brian a standing ovaysh but not before I reefed him down by the back of his bow tie and reminded him that we were suppose to be channelling Titanic’s Rose and Jack, and not Kerry Katona at Katie Price’s 6th Hen Party

6. Sam Smith Gate

sam smith
OMG this is possibly one of the funniest things that I have ever witnessed. We, of course, were sitting at a seriously glam table and were blessed to be joined by the seriously talented crooner Ken Kirwan (@FranklyBuble) after his gorgeous set.
Ken, trying to be complimentary, tells Jamie that he reminds him of singer Sam Smith, after he’d lost the weight. Everyone laughed and agreed that there was a likeness.

Jamie being Jamie, takes this as an insult and shakes his head in disbelief. Me, the little devil on Jamie’s shoulder, jokingly whispers ‘you should say he looks like Sam Smith, before he lost the weight’ to try cheer Jamie up and put a little smile on his face. Despite the fact that Ken looks absolutely NOTHING like Sam, Jamie decided to SCREAM what I had just whispered across the table. To say you could’ve heard a pin drop would be an understatement as Jamie’s retort went down like a lead balloon. A red-faced Jamie roared ‘why did you make me say that you evil witch!?’ at me while I rolled around the booth cackling at the hilarity of it all. Ken appeared to forgive the viscous attack as he later allowed Jamie a shot of his vintage mic for this weird photo:


7. Getting a chip and a battered sausage for the stroll home


Despite having a divine dinner (pictured above) not two hours hence, the two of us were absolutely buckled on the walk home. “Have you €3 on you?” says Holl. I give her €4 and tell her to spoil herself. With the leopard print fur coat draped around her shoulders as if she hadn’t an arm to her name, she goes into the dodgiest of chippers, slides the change across the counter and asks, “What can you do for me, hun?” It got us one battered sausage and a potion of chips, which we fed each other on the walk home. Now would we be everyone’s relaysh goals, we would?! x


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