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My favourite things from 2012 | Jamie Tuohy

As 2012 draws to an end, I felt it was appropriate to round up the year with a look at some of my favourite things from the last 12 months. An exercise in self-indulgence, if truth be told. (The only exercise I ever do).



Was there ever a doubt? It has to be Cheryl. After meeting her, could it be anyone else? Like a pint-sized Aphrodite with her adorable dimples and flowing, tousled brown locks, Cheryl was a vision to behold when I met her back in October. The obsession will never die. 2012 was a great year for Cheryl, with her first solo arena tour, the release of her third album and autobiography and of course, the much-anticipated reunion with Girls Aloud. All hail Queen Cheryl.


call my name CO

Call My Name by Cheryl. Obviously. After a short sabbatical, Cheryl returned with her impossibly-catchy, fist-pumping collaboration with Calvin Harris which resulted in Call My Name becoming No. 1.


the dinner

The Dinner by Herman Koch. The plotline is easily explained. Two couples meet in an Amsterdam restaurant and skirt around the fact that their sons have committed a grievous crime. The book details each course and as the evening progresses, the barriers break down and it’s revealed each couple isn’t as different as the guilty son they are trying to protect. Paul and Serge Lohman, together with their respective wives Claire and Babette must confront their own consciences in this beguiling tale of biased morality and personal loyalty.



Without a doubt, it has to be Revenge. Emily Thorne’s quest for filial vengeance against the Graysons is set in the Hamptons and makes for fascinating and unpredictable drama. Mike Kelley has created one of the best shows in years and the retributive offerings and antics of Emily Thorne was most certainly a 2012 TV highlight.



The Perks of Being a Wallflower. A coming-of-age drama about an awkward teenager who struggles with self-confidence before finally being accepted into an eccentric circle of friends sounds like a typically clichĂ©d teenage movie. However, The Perks of Being a Wallflower far exceeds its general outline, just as its central character’s timorous disposition transcends the realms of everyday teenage angst. The Perks of Being a Wallflower is the movie adaptation of Stephen Chbosky’s first novel of the same name and while I initially went to see the movie solely to see how Emma Watson was ‘coming along’ since Harry Potter, the flick co-starring Logan Lerman and Ezra Miller became my favourite film of the year. Check out my review here.



@irishmammies – every time. Colm O’Regan is the genius behind this motherly account which relays all the hilarious witticisms of the Irish Mammy everyone loves. From sayings like “will you have it in bowl or a wafer?” and “there’s a fierce draught”, @irishmammies has become my favourite Twitter account, offering a sense of familiarity and hilarity in the vast cyber sphere. The book it has spawned Isn’t it well for ye? The Book  of Irish Mammies is also well worth the read.



I got an iPad as a Christmas present and it has swiftly become my favourite gadget. LIKE, EVER. I can see why it is Oprah’s all-time favourite invention. I can’t fathom how I lived without it. Je l’adore.


mass jump

There have been a few, but this Massimo Dutti jumper comes out on top. A gorgeous blend of wool and cashmere, I’m treasuring it forever, and wearing it incessantly. Sorry to all the aviator jackets that didn’t make the cut – especially to my denim one, you little beaut.


jimism 1

Beating Macbeth, is my housemate Jim Murphy, with his hilarious aphorisms. On seeing hot French people in a queue for a club, Jim noted,

“I LOVE French people. These French rides were like “bonjour” and I was like “BON-FUCKING-JOUR!” (Please note, this is most effective when said in a strong Cork accent. Sheer brilliance!)

For more of these hilarious one liners, check out the Facebook page dedicated to all of the Jimisms here. Give it a live – you really won’t regret it.



Rosanna Davison. 2012 was definitely Rosanna’s year and she got the nation talking back in September by becoming the first Irishwoman to pose on the cover of German Playboy. The sizzling shoot undoubtedly earned Rosanna a whole new army of fans, but equally the cynics were out in force. What’s so admirable about Rosanna is the way she handled the whole situation – proving herself to be an intelligent and articulate woman who is in control of her own career. Rosanna showed how the shoot was about female empowerment as much as it was about looking gorgeous. 2013 is looking bright!



Cheryl really treated me in 2012. When she released the raunchy new video for the Lana Del Rey-penned track Ghetto Baby it made her soldiers’ Christmas. Nobody expected it and it was a welcomed treat. Plus it’s her steamiest and hottest one yet, with lots of Trezza action. Watch it here.

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Cheryl Cole is a Knockout in GQ – Jamie Tuohy


Check out Cheryl Cole’s sensational new shoot on the cover of the June issue of British GQ! The pop princess looks ravishingly sexy in the feature which was shot by Mariano Vivanco. The interview delves into Cheryl’s life, focusing on her tumultuous year which saw her battle malaria and resulted in her “unceremonious sacking” from X Factor USA.

The Call My Name singer reveals that her life became unbearable in the few years with constant media scrutiny and paparazzi camped outside her house being ubiquitous elements in her life. The interview probes into Cheryl’s relationship status, as Johnathan Heaf quizzes her about her relationship with her ex-husband Ashley. This is needless and futile – we all know Cheryl isn’t going to talk about her relationships ever again and the constant questions about Ashley are incredibly old and boring. She divorced him two years ago – move on and get over it, because that’s exactly what Cheryl has done.


 Far from playing the hard done-by victim, Cheryl is keen to forge an image beyond the realms of X Factor  and her new album A Million Lights is packed with powerful tracks that showcase her feisty and fun sides. Admitting that the last few years have nearly driven her to breaking-point, and at one juncture in the interview, Cheryl states that she found herself begging her ‘team’ to help her and it was suggested that she seek therapy – a suggestion which Cheryl rebuked. However, for the Geordie singer, this is not the image she wants to portray – insisting that she is now “bulletpoof” and is very much “still mouthy”.


Cheryl tells us that she would very much like to have children and that she feels that she was put on this earth to be a mother – revealing that she would love to call her son Alfie. She also says that her days of feuding are well and truly gone, saying “that stuff doesn’t come into my life any more”. The long commented on feuds between herself, Lily Allen and Charlotte Church are apparently “nonexistent” and she insists that she isn’t holding any grudges towards Simon Cowell.

Her new video for Call My Name opens with a quote from French writer Marquis de Sade – “the only way to a woman’s heart is along the path of torment” and it appears that Cheryl sees pain as a necessary sacrifice for the life she leads, but she isn’t going to let her suffering and turmoil define her – she has emerged as a more tolerant and philosophical person. A savvy businesswoman who recognises the importance of marketing, Cheryl Cole is fully intent on reaffirming her name as a global superstar.

Cheryl’s new album A Million Lights will be released on June 18 and the album’s debut single Call My Name will be available on June 10.

Check out Cheryl Cole’s interview with Jonathan Heaf in June’s British GQ and also look out for articles on wedding etiquette for us guys and a new James Bond exhibition! It’s a good’un and is in shops now!



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Calling Cheryl…..Jamie Tuohy

Okay, I know I’m late to the party. Actually the party has probably ended and all that remains are the messy memories of a great night, but the good thing is, the music is still playing.

Obviously I’m talking about the first radio play of Cheryl Cole’s new single Call My Name. The Calvin Harris produced track is a totally new sound for the British pop princess and it is to be the first single released from her upcoming third album A Million Lights.


Okay, Harris has certainly found a template that works and he isn’t letting go of his We Found Love remixes any time soon, but, hey, if it’s not broken and all that? The song is set to be a smash hit summer anthem, blending Calvin’s electro-rave energy with the feistiness and punch of Cheryl’s vocals. As Cheryl asks “how do ya think I feel when you call my name? You’ve got me confused by the way I change!”, the song becomes the ultimate Ibiza dance tune for the summer, with inflections of Rihanna-esque Caribbean tones.

The single will be released on June 10th , with the hotly anticipated video available to watch on Vevo from May 2nd! CANNOT WAIT!



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Cheryl…I’m calling you!

After a week of Shakespearean essay related stress, the weekend came as nice opportunity for some much needed R&R, but any sense of peaceful serenity abandoned my little beating heart when I heard that Cheryl Cole has released the title of her new single.

Call My Name is Cheryl’s new track and it has been written and produced by Calvin Harris, who worked with Rihanna on her mammoth hit We Found Love.


Cheryl Cole on the set of her new video in LA

Looking like a 60’s inspired mermaid/sex kitten goddess, Cheryl has been filming the video for Call My Name in Los Angeles. With details of another track called Screw You being released last week, it looks like Cheryl’s forthcoming album will be packing all the sassy punch that the Geordie superstar has become synonymous with.

Call My Name will be a dance tune (we wouldn’t expect anything else) and I for one am super excited about its premiere on BBC Radio 1 on April 20th. With exams looming, I’ll be juggling Romanticism study with managing my expectations for Cheryl’s forthcoming song release. But she’s worth it! OH. SO. WORTH. IT.


Words fail me...WOW!

Later folks,

Jamie T.