Olly Murs buys Caroline Flack a £2k birthday present | Jamie Tuohy


Olly and Caroline: could you two just get it on already?

Yes, the sexual tension between everyone’s new favourite double act, Caroline Flack and Olly Murs is evident every weekend, as they host the XtraFactor in their signature cheeky style, with plenty of flirtatious banter.

And while they claim to be just good friends, Olly’s £2,000 birthday present for Caroline might suggest otherwise.


As Ms Flack turns 33 today, her “TV boyfriend” Olly splashed out a whopping £2k on a Miu Miu duffle coat for his co-host. Caroline was clearly chuffed with her gift, tweeting, “Olly excelled in birthday pressies…..Hes the best tv boyfriend ever!!!!”

Olly clearly fancies that SHORTS off Caroline and spending £2k on a birthday present for her suggests that he isn’t just her “TV boyfriend.”

I sense a new celeb couple – Colly.

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In praise of Caroline Flack’s dirty laugh

In my eyes, the X Factor’s spin-off sister show, the Xtra Factor is fast becoming more popular than the main show itself. And while for some, it will be down to the dynamic duo, Colly (Caroline and Olly), who present the show in a decidedly cheeky and hilariously flirtatious manner, for me the success of the entire series rests firmly in the cacophonous cackle of Caroline’s saucy laugh.

Ms Flack’s signature laugh has become as synonymous with the 32-year-old presenter, as her dip-dyed hair. Last year, Gary Barlow even commented on her gleeful chortle, saying that it was a “dirty and mucky laugh” and he “loved it.”

My appreciation of all things Caroline has been pretty conspicuous on this blog, with a post honouring her dedication to continuously wearing shorts; however, I think her suggestive chuckles are my favourite characteristic.

She may have taken some Flack (thank you, thank you, no need to clap) for her relationship with Harry Styles, but I’m sure Cazza was able to laugh it off in her typically seductive and filthy style. LOVE IT.

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In celebration of Caroline Flack’s addiction to shorts

Caroline Flack is one beautiful woman, and she has some of the best legs in the business. Therefore, it’s no surprise that she regularly (read as constantly) takes to wearing shorts to show off her shapely pins. It isn’t hard to see why a certain boy band member was attracted to this oh so Styles-ish TV presenter, as her sui generis addiction to shorts has become her celebrated trademark.

Let’s take a look at Caroline’s nougarclobber:

*Nougar: a new breed of COUGAR. As opposed to their leopard print wearing, collagen-enhanced counterparts, the nougar is a newly divorced, 30 something-year-old, with a penchant for college teens. You will recognise them through their penchant for pastel colours, Peter Pan collars and Topshop caparisons.

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Caroline Flack speaks out about her former relationship with Harry Styles | Jamie Tuohy

In an interview with Look magazine, Caroline Flack has opened up about her former relationship with One Direction singer Harry Styles, saying she was shocked at the backlash and hatred she received.

Much has been said about the controversial romance and in an interview accompanying a fashion shoot (doesn’t Caroline look stunning?) she confessed that she was upset by the amount of teen girls who have nothing better to do with their little lives sending her horrid messages and death threats because of her relationship with the 1D singer.

The gorgeous Xtra Factor host said, “I’m surprised – it’s tough. I didn’t kill someone, I just went out with someone younger.”

However, despite her traumatic experience, the 32-year-old TV presenter insisted that she wouldn’t change anything, explaining,

“I wouldn’t edit anything out of my life. I learnt the hard way that the easiest thing is to keep it to myself.”

“With the whole Harry situation, about 95% of what was written was false. I didn’t really know where to begin. But I’ve developed thicker skin and become more hardened to it. I don’t get as upset as I used to, but I’m still human.”

Despite the fact that Harry and Caroline broke up in January, as recently as last week, a One Direction fanzine published a piece on Caroline, criticizing her looks and age.

How sad?!

However, Caroline isn’t letting petty little saddos  girls ruin her life, saying that,

“Friends are very important; you’ve got to get up and go out. You just have to remember it does heal, you do move on and meet other people.”