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Dermot O’Leary marries Dee Koppang | Jamie Tuohy

After 10 years together, Dermot O’Leary married Dee Koppang yesterday in a ceremony which was billed as ‘intimate’, but yet was filled with the couple’s celebrity friends.

The bride looked stunning in a cream silk gown with lace detailing and as she kissed her groom outside St. Mary’s Church in Chiddingstone, Dermot looked dapper in a three-piece midnight blue suit.

Before the ceremony, Dermot was seen driving his own vintage Mercedes wedding car and arrived early to the church, so as to have a drink at the local pub before tying the knot, in true Irish style!

Shortly before entering the church, Dermot spoke to the locals who had gathered for a glimpse of the star and he posed for the waiting media, who had arrived en masse for the celebrity wedding.

Dermot’s producer and director bride, Dee arrived shortly after, flanked by her bridesmaids who looked pretty in light blue lace dresses. The ceremony, which was a traditional Irish Catholic ceremony, was followed by a reception at the nearby 15th century Chiddingstone Castle.

Dermot and Dee were joined by a host of celebrity friends for the nuptials which stipulated a dress code of “lounge suits and seasonal glamour.” Caroline Flack was very, shall we say, liberal with the dress code, as she turned up to the wedding in her ubiquitous shorts and blazer combo, looking gorgeous, albeit a tad underdressed for such an event.

Holly Willoughby and her Celeb Juice co-stars Leigh Francis and Fearne Cotton were all in attendance, as was actor James Cordon and adventurer Bear Grylls. Newly-weds Chris O’Dowd and Dawn Porter also turned up, looking chic and sophisticated in matching monochrome outfits.

Dermot had previously spoken out about his desire to settle down and become a married man, but confessed that he wouldn’t be leaving behind crazy party days, because there simply weren’t any. He said,

“There’s no sort of raucous bachelor days to put behind me when we get married. I love my girlfriend and the woman that will be my wife and we are really relaxed with each other.”

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In Defence of the Kardashians | Jamie Tuohy

A number of years ago, Kris Jenner had the foresight and ambition to pitch an idea for a new reality show to Ryan Seacrest. It would involve cameras following her family around on a daily basis, giving viewers an insight into the pandemonium that exists within their household. It was snapped up and was to be called Keeping up with the Kardashians. And the rest, as they say, is history…

The Kardashians – a name, a brand, an empire, and often forgotten, a family. The modern day Brady bunch, who; through frenetic exercises in alliteration, cunning opportunism and unapologetic capitalism, have become media powerhouses, who protect and expand their brand very karefully. Whether you view them as deplorable testaments to anti-intellectualism, or as canny marketers who really are a loving family, behind all the drama; Kris, Bruce, Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Rob, Kendall and Kylie are undoubtedly one of the most famous families in the world. Love them or loathe them, admire them or despise them, the Kardashians are an inescapable presence in twenty-first century popular culture, dominating the media world with tales of bust-ups, break ups and general sensationalism. 

Whether or not you Keep up with the Kardashians is a personal choice, but I for one, have spotted a family who has taken every opportunity that has come their way, advertising, promoting and selling everything from clothing to incontinence pads, all the while, embodying commercialism for all its gilded virtues, and you know what? I say why not?! And thus begins my defence of the Kardashians.

Kim and Co. have had every insult under the sun hurled at them – being verbally chastised by a world in which everyone is a critic goes hand in hand with being a Kardashian. Few onlookers will say that this family are twenty-first century role models, but instead claim that they are vile exemplars of the American Dream gone horribly wrong. For the most part, they’ll be viewed as a family, who have cashed in on the back of their daughter’s sex-tape and exist as definitive personas of immorality and classless vulgarity, showing no shame when it comes to making a dime. You blot your copy book once, eh?

Yes, everyone knows Kim had a sex tape, and everyone knows the infamous reality TV show that she and her family star in is a perceptible capitalisation on that. But what’s a girl to do? Live her life in shame and regret, refusing the opportunities that come her way? The Kardashian family, undoubtedly under the guidance of matriarch Kris Jenner decided to let the cameras into their lives and for the most part, their fame has been achieved by parading their private lives on screen for millions of viewers to see and squirm at. But that’s the thing – the viewers really are in their millions, squirming or otherwise. 

It’s because, behind it all, there’s something endearing about this family – the hilarious ‘airy fairy-ness’ of them, the mother who will do anything and fight anyone for her children, or the constructed moral that is taught in each episode – ‘don’t get Botox, don’t smoke, don’t drink underage, don’t go to Vegas for a tattoo without your parents’ consent, give back to charity and appreciate your blessings etc.’. Does the fact that Kim and her family let the cameras film their daily lives for a few months a year make them ‘cheap’, ‘vile’ and the butt of even more absurd profanity? If they’re ‘famous for being famous’, it’s because we have created them and made them popular.

From a sociological perspective, any one person or individual cannot be studied in complete isolation, but rather, has to be viewed and considered in terms of their cultural background and the society that created the Kardashians, is the very one that lays judgement on them. Without sounding Freudian or facetious, one could argue that the sole reason anyone speaks negatively of someone else is because they recognise in that person the qualities they so despise in their deeper self. And if I can borrow from Sigmund Freud once more, it’s likely that these characteristics are repressed within their own consciousness, so the disgust that is felt for Kim’s apparent disrespect for matrimony, could very well be a manifestation of one’s own ambivalence towards marriage. Kim says she is an idealist and believed in the fairy-tale – the general consensus is that her 72-day marriage to basketball player Kris Humphries was one of convenience, constructed  to add cash and further acknowledgement to the alliterative family empire.

I am in no way saying that every single person who loathes what this family stand for are simply subconsciously criticizing themselves, but equally, I’m not saying that a family whose recognition is the subject of much debate should be so grossly defiled and admonished. But if they stand for all that is wrong with the twenty-first century (which I don’t think they do), then we can only blame ourselves for letting Keeping up with the Kardashians become the most-watched reality TV show in the world. Whether we watch or not, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe are still going to continue in the fashion business and momager Kris will still manage her family’s affairs. Nobody is expecting them to change the world or lead us out of the global economic crisis – their show exists as entertainment and they are recognised figures within that epoch. If you don’t like it, don’t watch, don’t comment on the copious amounts of articles written about them and don’t waste your time spewing vitriol onto online forums, championing the ‘fall’ of the family or urging that their show be axed. If it’s not being talked about or watched, it will be axed, don’t worry – you can break the circle by biting your tongue. 

From reading online comments about the family’s main breadwinner, Kim, the main issue with her seems to be her capitulation to the patriarchy. That is to say that she has made her living through gaining the lustful affections of men and setting the Feminist Movement back decades with her conceding of the sexual objectification of women. Don’t get me wrong, I very much doubt that Kim Kardashian, or any of her sisters for that matter, would be half as rich or famous as they are now, if they didn’t trade, on some part, on their looks. But equally, I don’t think that they would have been as successful as they are without some canny calculation behind the beauty.

I think the Kardashian girls are pseudo feminists – yes, they have, in many ways, sacrificed themselves on the altar of the patriarchy and used their personal lives as monetary vehicles, but the patriarchy in which they operate, is ultimately one in which they exert dominative control. If everyone steps down from the moral high ground and emerges from the ivory tower, the majority of us would admit that if we could make $10,000 for sending a tweet, we’d do it. But Kim is ridiculed and abhorred internationally for doing so.

Some critics have even said that they are a twenty-first century role model of a stable family unit. I agree. The problem is that people fear that their children are looking up to this family and seeing the glitz and glamour of pampered celebrity and thinking that their kind of fame is accessible and more worryingly, aspirational. Make a sex tape, become involved in a sensational scandal and become famous right? If the Kardashians were nothing more than ‘media whores’, their time in the spotlight would have been incredibly shorter. Think of Paris Hilton, whose path to fame was identical to Kim Kardashian’s – but her 15 minutes have well and truly passed and the pampered heiress has virtually faded into oblivion. This is a family who has the business savvy to back up their seemingly ‘vacuous celebrity.’

Barabara Walters asked Kim, Kourtney and Khloe how they’ve come so far with no discernible talents to qualify their fame.  But the reality is that these sisters are famous because they are celebrity entrepreneurs, they were in the fashion business long before their television show hit our screens. Keeping up with the Kardashians is an entertainment show, nothing more, nothing less.  And the reality show is only the half of it. Their mother Kris Jenner has said that thanks to the show, these girls have been able to create an expansive and multi-million dollar fashion empire. Camilla Long, the Sunday Times columnist recently caused controversy when she said that Kim Kardashian was a better role model for young girls than Kate Middleton. She argued that Kim’s hard-working business etiquette was a better exemplar for young girls than Kate’s prim and proper educated background, saying,

“Sure’, the girls of St Mary’s, Calne, can be taught to impersonate the Duchess of Cambridge for fees of £30,000 a year, but is not hard-working Kim a better role model?”

And you know what? I’m not far behind Long’s appraisal. If these sisters were simply ‘famous for being famous’ or talentless bimbos, then any three sisters from Los Angeles could achieve what they have achieved, any celebrity who has made a sex tape could become the highest earning reality TV star of all time. But this has only happened to one family – The Kardashians. It has been stated that this family represent all that is wrong with Western society – from crass ostentation to loose morality. However, I see a family who are genius ambassadors for twenty-first century marketing. In all honesty, if I wanted a lesson in social media marketing, it’s to Kim Kardashian I would go to and not a Harvard business school. Anybody can have their 15 minutes, but few could sustain them in such a fashion as this family has.

Reality television in general is not something that I’m a huge fan of – Big Brother, while initially, was an interesting sociological experiment; has turned into a classless freak show for fame hungry wannabes. I’ve never watched Jersey Shore, but I think the old adage of not judging a book by its cover can be waivered in this case. The cover looks tatty and cheap. I’d be shocked if its contents were dissimilar. I can see why the Kardashians are ridiculed for being the agent provocateurs to the ‘dumbing down of civilisation’ and the dawning of a new type of worthless celebrity, but I think this is a misinformed judgement.

Unlike other reality TV shows, theirs is one in which lessons are taught and morals are preached. They may just be for the cameras, but at least the Kardashians osmotic influence is being put to good use and possibly being absorbed by impressionable youths. Make no bones about it, there are certainly more wholesome and suitable role models existing in popular culture today than the Kardashian brood, and say what you want about them, I for one think that they are an incredibly clever family, who despite what everyone believes, rely on brains as well as beauty. Kim, Kourtney and Khloe have an amassed Twitter following of over 30,000,000 users and they know exactly how to use them to further establish their brand. If they didn’t manipulate this fact, they’d be idiots. I would do the exact same thing! But I’m not trying to convince anyone to support the Kardashian brand or change their opinion of them – this family are doing fine as they are.

It boils down to this: if the Kardashians are not your kup of tea, then don’t switch on their kettle. They are a fascinating study in the sociology of fame and you can accuse them of mistaking their family for a brand, but I’d shake their hands for having the drive, determination and ruthlessness to dominate modern-day popular culture. Long live the Kardashians!

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Men’s Hairstyles: The Good, The Bad and The Controversial

The last time Frankie Cocozza got the chop was when he was axed off 2011’s X Factor for apparently breaking one the talent show’s “golden rules”. However, when the reality TV star trended on Twitter recently, it wasn’t because his wild antics had hit the headlines again, but because he traded in his messy mane, for a sharper and slicker style.
The reality TV star headed to X Factor hairstylist Jamie Stevens for his £185 new style and sent the social networking site into overdrive, causing his 900,000+ followers to bombard the internet with copious amounts of Frankie-related tweets. Of course, Frankie wasn’t the first star to cause a stir by chopping his locks, so here; I take a look at some of the best, worst and indeed most controversial men’s hairstyles in the world of preened and pampered celebrity:
 James Dean
The original Rebel Without A Cause, James Dean has long been regarded as one of the world’s foremost male icons for the best part of both the 20th and 21st centuries. His relaxed and unfussy sense of cool makes it easy to see why he has been immortalised as a style sage. This carefree nonchalance is also seen in James Dean’s hair. Long on top, with shorter sides, the 50s style which Dean defines has seen a resurgence on the international catwalks, with designers keen to recreate a similar relaxed, yet perfectly coiffed mane, similar to James Dean’s classic haircut.
    Olly Murs
Since finishing as runner-up on 2009’s X Factor, Olly Murs’ career has gone from strength to strength, with 4 No.1 singles, a sell-out arena tour and a presenting gig onXtra Factor, as well as supporting One Direction in America under his belt. Not content with dominating the charts, the singer’s unique fashion sense has been much commented on and his distinctive hairstyle has become one of his trademarks. His haircut has plenty of shape and style, with the back and sides shaved with various difference size blades, to achieve a graduated, yet blended look. Olly’s look is frequently requested in salons, but needs lots of top-up cuts to maintain it! I would know…
 Rob Pattinson
It’s pretty obvious why Rob is included in this list. The Twilight star can send fans crazy with just one swoop of his enviably floppy mane. Rob’s hair is a mixture of messy indifference and the ‘floppy English gent look’ championed by Hugh Grant. Of course, in Hollywood, ‘messy indifference’ and ‘bedhead’ take hours to achieve and require endless coiffing and styling to make it look like you haven’t even checked yourself in one of your mansion’s endless supply of mirrors. Rob’s hair is of naturally great quality, so it’s no surprise that when he chopped off his trademark locks a few months ago, a moment’s silence was observed from the ubiquitous Twilight fans around the world, in memory of his tresses. Here at Just Lolo, we’re reserving our condolences, because believe it or not, hair grows back!
   One Direction
Love them or loathe them, the One Direction guys have seriously good hair. From Harry’s floppy curls, to Zayn’s daring cut, One Direction’s hairstyles have evolved from their X Factor days. The band’s stylist has worked hard to give each member a signature look and the boys have moved on from the hi-top and skinny jeans phase and now favour more grown up looks from A.P.C and Burberry. Their hairstyles reflect their changing image and have been some of the salon’s most requested looks. Getting a 1D cut won’t guarantee throngs of screaming fans outside your door, but it will give you a great shot and achieving it and make you incredibly up to date and stylish! Singing ability, well, that’s optional.
* * *
   Donald Trump
When you have as much money as Mr Trump, it’s hard to fathom how you can get it so horribly wrong when it comes to your hairstyle. Money can’t buy you style, but surely it can allow you to buy a decent mirror?! Donald’s comb over has been the butt of many jokes and the subject of ridicule for years and it’s not hard to see why. If your hair and face are the same colour, then something definitely isn’t right. It appears Donald blow-dries his hair forward to achieve his dubious style, but this is an innovation that I can’t see catching on. A follicular mystery to say the least!
  Pauly D
Unnatural amounts of hair gel are required for this shockingly awful, gravity-defying hairstyle. It’s so bad; I’m not even going to explain its wretchedness with words any further. Just, NO.
* * *

      David Beckham
Credit where it’s due – David Beckham is one stylish man, but lately, his hairstyle and moustache combo looks like Nick Wooster and Ricky Gervais have miraculously spawned a child and David’s look is the curious result. I’m a massive fan of David’s style and the 50s haircut he sported for the last few months was bang on trend, but recently his hair has been a little too much to the left. Over the years, David has probably had more hairstyles than any other celebrity and while some looks have been iconic, there have been equally shocking ones (anyone remember the corn rows?). Victoria, take a step in, in a pair of your vertiginous heels and have a word with your auld fella? Cheers.
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Calling Cheryl…..Jamie Tuohy

Okay, I know I’m late to the party. Actually the party has probably ended and all that remains are the messy memories of a great night, but the good thing is, the music is still playing.

Obviously I’m talking about the first radio play of Cheryl Cole’s new single Call My Name. The Calvin Harris produced track is a totally new sound for the British pop princess and it is to be the first single released from her upcoming third album A Million Lights.


Okay, Harris has certainly found a template that works and he isn’t letting go of his We Found Love remixes any time soon, but, hey, if it’s not broken and all that? The song is set to be a smash hit summer anthem, blending Calvin’s electro-rave energy with the feistiness and punch of Cheryl’s vocals. As Cheryl asks “how do ya think I feel when you call my name? You’ve got me confused by the way I change!”, the song becomes the ultimate Ibiza dance tune for the summer, with inflections of Rihanna-esque Caribbean tones.

The single will be released on June 10th , with the hotly anticipated video available to watch on Vevo from May 2nd! CANNOT WAIT!