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Beyoncé to produce, direct and star in documentary | Jamie Tuohy

She’s already a successful singer, actress, businesswoman and mother and now superstar Beyoncé is about to add director and producer to her resumé. 

Following in the footsteps of Katy Perry, the mother-of-one and Single Ladies singer is to produce, direct and star in a documentary about her life. 

The documentary, which will be the singer’s second directorial feature, (having previously directed a mini MTV documentary about the release of 4) will feature interviews with Beyoncé, exclusive backstage footage, behind-the-scenes clips from the run-up to the release of her album 4, as well as touching moments involving family and friends and daughter Blue Ivy.

The notoriously private singer will also reveal the secrets of her strong relationship with husband Jay-Z and it is believed that the former Destiny’s Child singer has been presenting a 20-minute ‘taster package’ to various Hollywood execs in a bid to find the right distributor for the film.

I think the 30-year-old singer is THE BEST all-round performer on planet earth at the minute (no exaggeration). I don’t know anyone who can sing, dance and put on a mind-blowing show like Beyoncé can. Cannot wait to see this movie – it should be a welcomed antidote to the clichéd concert movies of Justin Bieber et al (Katy Perry’s excluded, because that was actually brilliant: review here

Who Run the World? Clearly Beyoncé.


The latest trailer for the new James Bond movie, “Skyfall” has been released and the film looks set to be an action-packed extravaganza of espionage, murder and betrayal.

The movie which is directed by Sam Mendes, will see Daniel Craig playing the 007 agent for the third time and “Skyfall” will involve Bond faking his own death, only to re-emerge alive and well in M’s offices.

In the trailer, M, who is played by the legendary actress Judi Dench appears to be preparing an obituary for the ‘late’ secret service agent and is later seen viewing a row of coffins, each draped with Union Jack flags. However, Craig soon enters, telling her “Commander Bond reporting for duty.”

In another clip from the trailer, Bond converses with the film’s villain, played by Javier Bardem, telling him that “everyone needs a hobby” and in classic Bond wit, his is “Resurrection.”

The main plot of the movie is revealed in the trailer: a drive was stolen containing the identities of all British secret agents and later uploaded online. There’s also a new Q in “Skyfall” – portrayed by Ben Whishaw and this movie will be the second time Bond has faked his death, having previously feigned mortality in “You Only Live Twice.”

Cannot wait to see it!

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Colin Farrell Bringing Hollywood to Town!


Colin Farrell is returning to his hometown for the Irish premiere of Total Recall – and he’s bringing a stellar line-up of Hollywood A-listers with him!

The dad-of-two, who is easily one of Ireland’s most successful actors, will be coming home to walk the red carpet alongside a star-studded cast, including Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale.

The Irish premiere of Total Recall, which will also be the European debut of Farrell’s latest blockbuster, will take place at the Odeon Point Village Cinema in Dublin’s Docklands on August 14.


It is expected that dozens of local celebrities will be in attendance and Farrell is said to be thrilled that the European premiere is being held in his hometown, giving Irish fans the chance to be the first audience outside America to see the film.

Kate Beckinsale, who plays Farrell’s wife in the movie will be joined by her husband Les Wiseman, who also directed the film. As Hollywood descends on Dublin for the night, throngs of screaming fans are expected, with eager celeb-watchers keen to catch a glimpse of Tinseltown royalty.

Count me in…