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Olly Murs: Man of Style | Jamie Tuohy


To say that Olly Murs has done well for himself would be an understatement. Since finishing as runner-up on the 2009 X Factor, the Dance With Me Tonight singer has become a household name, with four number 1 singles under his belt, 2 number 1 albums and a third one on the way, a sell-out arena tour, an autobiography and if that wasn’t enough, he landed a presenting job, hosting The Xtra Factor alongside the ever-gorgeous Caroline Flack. Not bad for second place, eh?

Proving that he is the real winner of the talent competition, Mr Murs’ star is very much on the ascent, and as if to demonstrate that there is nothing he can’t conquer, Olly is certainly ticking all the right boxes when it comes to his fashion sense. He rarely puts a foot wrong in the style stakes and this Essex boy doesn’t fall into the perma-tanned TOWIE genre, as his look is distinctive and unique, with a strong influence from 90s BritPop, mixed with the retro vibes of the 1950s.

Olly has gained infamy thanks to his predilection for extremely tight trousers, which have gone on to become one of the singer’s signature styles, along with his beloved trilby hats. However, it’s a look Murs effortlessly pulls off – combining his chinos with quirky loafers, desert boots or brogues and pairing braces with a buttoned-up grandfather-style shirt.

Every Saturday and Sunday night, Olly demonstrates how he has become the master of smart/casual dressing, as he hosts The Xtra Factor in his signature cheeky-chappy manner. When he opts for a blazer, Olly tends to go for a double-breasted piece from a young and cool brand, such as The Kooples and he never looks overdressed or overdone, as he usually teams the blazer with different colour trousers. His style has all the sartorial sensibility of the X Factor’s main man – Dermot O’Leary, but Olly doesn’t have the responsibility of anchoring the entire show and therefore, his personality is evident through his wardrobe each weekend, as he can play and have fun with his look.

Olly doesn’t get enough recognition for his effortless style and to credit him, it has evolved from his X Factor days, but the original template still remains. Olly was always a snappy dresser and you can be sure that when it comes to what he wears, Olly makes all the decisions and isn’t being moulded into something he’s not by a stylist. Olly Murs may be a Troublemaker, but when it comes to his dress sense, he is top of the class!


Olly Murs buys Caroline Flack a £2k birthday present | Jamie Tuohy


Olly and Caroline: could you two just get it on already?

Yes, the sexual tension between everyone’s new favourite double act, Caroline Flack and Olly Murs is evident every weekend, as they host the XtraFactor in their signature cheeky style, with plenty of flirtatious banter.

And while they claim to be just good friends, Olly’s £2,000 birthday present for Caroline might suggest otherwise.


As Ms Flack turns 33 today, her “TV boyfriend” Olly splashed out a whopping £2k on a Miu Miu duffle coat for his co-host. Caroline was clearly chuffed with her gift, tweeting, “Olly excelled in birthday pressies…..Hes the best tv boyfriend ever!!!!”

Olly clearly fancies that SHORTS off Caroline and spending £2k on a birthday present for her suggests that he isn’t just her “TV boyfriend.”

I sense a new celeb couple – Colly.

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Olly Murs records new video in LA | Jamie Tuohy

Olly Murs has been busy Stateside, filming the video for his upcoming single, Troublemaker and he was seen getting very cosy with his dancer, in trousers that looked a few sizes too small!

The photos of Olly leave very little to the imagination, as the singer and Xtra Factor singer is virtually bursting out of his retro outfit. And while his super-tight clothing might be a little uncomfortable, the same could not be said about Olly’s relationship with his Kate Beckinsale-lookalike dancer.

Olly was seen kissing the gorgeous brunette on the set of his new video in Los Angeles, but alas, it was purely for the promotional pics.

Troublemaker is Olly’s debut single from his forthcoming third album, Right Place, Right Time and the track, which features American rapper Flo Rida, promises to be “an incredibly catchy, pure pop anthem.”

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Olly Murs becomes a millionaire | Jamie Tuohy


Olly Murs is officially a millionaire.

According to accounts filed for the end of last year on behalf of his company, Stanley Entertainment, the Dance With Me Tonight singer has made over a million pounds since finishing as runner-up on The X Factor in 2009.

And the good news for Olly is that the accounts don’t take into consideration the cash he has made since December ’11, so they discount the hundreds of thousands he will have raked in from his number 1 album In Case You Didn’t Know and similarly, he will have made another small fortune from his UK and Irish arena tour.

A source close to the singer said, “Olly is a real grafter – he has worked his socks off since he took part in The X Factor.”

“He is constantly juggling working on the Xtra Factor, touring and recording new music, so every penny is hard earned.”

“When I first met him he was working in a call centre on six quid an hour.”

And it looks like the dosh is set to keep on rolling in for the tight-trouser-wearing singer, as his autobiography Happy Days is set to be released in early October and his first single, Troublemaker from his third album, Right Place, Right Time is also impending. And add to that the cash Olly will make from hosting the Xtra Factor and the money earned from his forthcoming second arena tour.

Any chance of a loan Mr Murs?


Olly Murs has revealed that the first single from his third studio album, Right Place, Right Time will be a track called Troublemaker, featuring rapper Flo Rida.

Olly co-wrote the song with Claude Kelly and Steve Robson and Troublemaker promises to be “an incredibly catchy, pure pop anthem.”

The star tweeted, “You all prob know this already as was leaked.. But can CONFIRM.. NEW single is out NOV 18th!! Called #troublemaker ft. FloRida.” He then added, “To have Flo Rida’s presence on this track is wicked!! Can’t wait for you to hear it… Just gives it some proper swagger!!”

Murs has a busy few months ahead, as not only will he be gearing up for the release of his new single and third album, but his autobiography Happy Days is due to be released on October 11.

The Dance With Me Tonight singer, who finished in second place in the 2009 X Factor has gone on to become one of the show’s most successful contestants, having four number 1 singles, two chart-topping albums and an arena tour already under his belt.

Olly is currently in America, but will be back in time for the start of the X Factor live shows, to co-host the Xtra Factor with Caroline Flack and has confirmed that he will go on a second arena tour next year to promote his third album.

Clearly, Olly didn’t sing about being Busy for nothing!


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Up all night on a boys’ day out: Harry, Olly and Aston paint the town red!

Harry Styles joined fellow X Factor singers Olly Murs and Aston Merrygold for the ultimate lads’ night out last night.


The chart-topping trio hit the town after Harry won a golf competition in Surrey, where he competed against the JLS lads for the title. Olly didn’t compete, but was happy to join the two stars for a night of partying in London’s Jalouse Nightclub.

Aston, 24, was excited about the night out, tweeting: ‘Smurf, Styles and Merrygold 1st team night out!! Let’s get on it!! @ollyofficial @Harry_Styles BOSH Ax’. Both Olly and Aston arrived separately and alone, but Harry turned up the star power, by arriving with an entourage, including a bevy of beauties.

The boys, including Harry’s mate as well as 1D’s Niall Horan were spotted lining their stomachs with a spot of lunch earlier on in the day, but it was Harry who flew the partying flag for the 1D lads.


Styles has become known for his penchant for partying with his celebrity mates, and last weekend was snapped on a pub-crawl in Primrose Hill with new Radio 1 host Nick Grimshaw. Harry left the nightclub with a gorgeous blonde, but appeared to distance himself from her when the cameras were near.



Remarkably, the mystery woman looked closer to Harry’s age than his previous conquests and the 1D lad has been making the most of his time off from One Direction, by establishing himself on London’s trendy party scene.

Anyone think he may have read my guide to social climbing ‘the Chelsea way’? ( He has the clobber, the car, and apparently the house? Props to Hazza Styles!

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Olly’s US Star is on the Rise – Jamie Tuohy

Olly Murs’ US star is on the rise, thanks in no small part to those five lads from One Direction. The former X Factor runner-up has been supporting the boys on their North American tour and has been picking up bags of new fans across the pond in the process.


The Dance With Me Tonight singer had previously told MTV that he was hoping to convert some of the 1Directioners to the ‘Murs Army’ and said that even though One Direction have been hugely successful in the States, there’s always room for his brand of cheeky chappy pop.

Olly has become a household since his X Factor days and his presenting gig on the Xtra Factor with co-host Caroline Flack has helped secure his status as one of the biggest male stars in music today.


Since joining One Direction on tour, Olly has appeared on Tonight With Jay Leno singing his No.1 single Heart Skips a Beat, which has just been released in America with Rizzle Kicks’ addition to the track being replaced with Chiddy Bang’s offering; to appeal to the American Market. As well as that, the singer has given a showcase in New York and has managed to fit in some recording for his third album in the process.


 Olly might have finished as runner up on 2009’s X Factor, but with 4 No. 1 singles under his belt since then, 2 No. 1 albums, 2 Brit nominations, an arena tour and the American public in the palm of his hand, he has proven he is the real winner of the talent competition. Well done Olly!