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The Haylor Song – I have no words…

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles spend a romantic afternoon in NYC's Central Park

Directioners, as they have come to be known within the One Direction fandom are notoriously protective of their favourite five heartthrobs. Remember what happened to poor Caroline Flack when she started her frisson with Harry Styles?

Well it looks like Taylor Swift isn’t going to get off lightly either, as her supposed relationship with the 19-year-old singer has caused scorn among 1D fans.

Check out this crazy video which attacks ‘fake’ Taylor for corrupting the curly-haired star. Hell hath no fury like a 1D fangirl scorned…

Jamie Tuohy

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One Direction Cover Teen Vogue | Jamie Tuohy


Those One Direction boys are literally taking over the world, but they must be pretty thrilled to be making the cover of Teen Vogue. The British and Irish boy band is on the December/January issue of the fashion bible and in what seems to be typical 1D fashion; each member will have his own limited edition cover.

The band’s only Irish member, Mullingar native, Niall Horan insists that they are just normal guys, but concedes that what they do certainly isn’t normal. Harry is quick to back up Niall’s claim, saying,

“One time, a girl dropped her phone in my pocket and I found it and was like, ‘There you go.’ And she said, ‘If you’d had my phone, you’d have had to meet up with me to give it back.” Oh those 1D fangirls…

The boys are in the middle of intense preparations for their forthcoming eight-month world tour, which will include a performance in LA’s legendary Staples Centre. Zayn tells the magazine that the first concert he saw there was a Britney Spears gig and he remembers the enormity of the arena. “This place is massive. Now we’re going to be playing there? I can’t wait.”

This will undoubtedly be one of Teen Vogue’s biggest-selling issues and the competition is on between the five-piece to see whose issue sells the most. I’m prediction a Niall Vs. Harry battle. For all you fangirls/fanboys, head over to @TeenVogue on Twitter, where they are revealing each boy’s cover over the course of the night – one every hour.

This band is only going to get bigger, and richer. Excuse the green emanating from my face – it’s extreme envy.

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Harry Styles spends £23k on a new watch | Jamie Tuohy

After buying a new house, spending hundreds of thousands on cars and a whopping £100,000 on art, Harry Styles is certainly no stranger when it comes to flashing the cash. Therefore, his latest extravagant purchase shouldn’t as much of a surprise, as he has spent £23k on a designer watch.


The 18-year-old singer was spotted running some errands around London yesterday and as he did so, he showed off his flash new timepiece.

The Audmars Piguet winding Royal Oak 41mm watch (to give it its full title), is a crocodile leather-strapped, pink gold piece of luxury.

Harry’s new accessory comes with hundreds of fancy technical features (BORING), and the Swiss watches have already become firm favourites with A-listers including Kanye West and Jay-Z.

The £23k price tag might be out of most people’s reach, but for Harry, the sum is pocket change, as the band’s fortune is set to increase the $64m in the year, making them some of the richest UK stars under 30.

I might not be able to afford Harry’s watch, but if anyone knows where his brogues are from, can someone inform me? Major brogue envy going on right here and they seem like a perfect birthday present to myself!

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Funniest Zayn Malik interview ever! | Jamie Tuohy

I’ve just come across this gem of an interview with One Direction’s Zayn Malik and it is possibly the funniest one to date. DJ Rush from Ottawa’s Hot 89.9 was briefed before the interview and given a list of question he couldn’t ask the singer.

As Zayn was tired of the same old questions from interviews, he was told that he couldn’t ask Zayn anything about X Factor, about the band’s name, about their backstage rituals, and nor could he ask anything about girlfriends or religion.

The ridiculous demands practically included every conceivable question an interviewer would have prepared and DJ Rush’s subsequent interview was directly and hilariously effected.

Check it out below:

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Will the ‘One Direction effect’ help Union J to win The X Factor?

Ella Henderson may be the bookies’ favourite to win The X Factor, but with a host of celebrities backing them, teenage girls drooling over them and staggering amounts of followers on Twitter, will Union J win the talent show by capitalising on the fangirls One Direction have created?

Last weekend saw the beginning of The X Factor live shows and in its typically dramatic style, it ended on Sunday night, shrouded in controversy and accusations of the show being fixed, when producer Richard Holloway was seen apparently telling Louis who to vote for in the sing-off.

However, what’s less surprising is that Union J, who, arguably, gave one of the weaker performances on Saturday night managed to make it through to next round.

The three-piece sang a catastrophically mediocre version of Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, but despite their poor performance, Union J are already favourites amongst viewers and celebs alike, even if the bookies haven’t placed them in the running for the title.

The boys already have their own manager and have over 230,000 followers on Twitter – several thousand more than any of the other contestants. Amelia Lily, Marcus Collins and Conor Maynard have all expressed their admiration for these boys.

Even though their vocals failed to impress the judges on Saturday, a whopping 5927 tweets a minute were composed about Union J, which is driving extremely close to 1D fan territory. Expect a collision in the future.

The addition of George Shelley was an obvious move on the producers’ part to recreate the success of One Direction and if the virtual hype can transcend into votes, then it looks like Union J could very well be the next One Direction. Perish the thought.

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One Direction’s new Pepsi commercial released | Jamie Tuohy

One Direction’s commercial for Pepsi has finally debuted online and the ad sees the five-piece battling it out with American footballer Drew Brees, over who deserves the last can of the soft drink.

The Pepsi ad cements the 1D boys’ status as fully-fledged superstars, as they join the ranks of David Beckham, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears – all of whom have promoted the cola drink in the past.

One Direction’s new single Live While We’re Young can be heard playing in the background and as Niall suggests to Drew that he can join the band if he gives Harry the can of Pepsi, the NFL star gets on stage to sing with the boys.

Harry and Co. appear to be going from strength to strength Stateside, as they broke another record this week after their new single became the fastest-selling single by a non-UK artist on the Billboard charts.

Live While We’re Young failed to make the UK No.1 spot, but sold 341,000 copies in its opening week in America. After their success across the pond, the band’s only Irish member, Niall Horan said,

“We’re so happy with the success of the single in the USA and can’t wait for everyone to hear our new album. Thank you to all the fans once again!”

Check out the video below: